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We are reliable biolabs from bangalore

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Mission statement

To bring out biotechnology in rural and urban masses in health care through the cutting edge technology, dedication and focus to make the earth a better place for mankind

Vision statement

To be a pioneer and key player globally in animal health and Bio Services sector driven by competitive edge and excellence in innovation

Geniron has been has been registered to Committee for the purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) 1810/PO/RcBiBt/S/15/CPCSEA, Government of India to conduct breeding and experimentation on laboratory animals. Geniron strictly follows the CPCSEA guidelines for animal welfare in the test facility. Geniron has also formed IBSC to monitor recombinant DNA related studies.

Geniron has license for carrying out tests on drugs/cosmetics/raw materials used in manufacture thereof on behalf of licensees for the manufacture for sale of drugs from the State Drug Controller, Karnataka and Central Drugs Standards Control Organization, Government of India.


Geniron has varied backgrounds such as Pharmacology, Clinical medicine, Veterinary science, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Analytical chemistry, and Regulatory affairs. They bring in value and rich Experience from industries and Academia.


Geniron is working on novel animal vaccines, diagnostics and neteutraceticals to enhance the animal health and productivity. Geniron team is working on complete technology package for rabies eradication as per the recommendation of WHO in terms of combined DNA for rabies and contraception




Geniron has a core insight in R&D is to fulfill the gaps in affordable animal health and production sector through innovation.

Geniron translate scientific discoveries from the lab bench to the clinic, Geniron uses proof-of-concept in trails to help, find and advance the most promising vaccine candidates. These proof-of-concept studies often focus on epidemic and endemic diseases of animal health Geniron as an in house R & D facility with a dedicated team of scientist’s expertise in Veterinary Pharmacology, Animal Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Microbiology working hard for the betterment of human and animal welfare.

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    proximDNA VACCINES

    We are addressing the unmet needs of Rabies, FMDV, Mastitis and other chronic infectious diseases of domestic animals. Geniron core priopetery technology Platform is DNA synthetic vaccines progressively showing its potential to establish a new paradigm to prevent and treat these life-altering diseases. Our growing pipeline of vaccine candidate for Rabies cum Contraception based on this technology is in proof of concept stage. These vaccines could potentially protect millions of dogs from rabies.

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    proximcGMP DNA

    Vaccine manufacturing
    Geniron is planning to set up a cGMP DNA Vaccine manufacturing unit first of its kind in South East Asia.

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    Geniron is developing novel diagnostics for animal health care with lateral flow assay and multiplex PCR as technology platforms. Currently Geniron is working on novel Pregnancy diagnostic kit for cattle and brucella diagnostic kit.


Bio Services

Reliable, Economical and timely delivery of healthy lab animals to research institutes, pharma and biotech companies.

    •    Rats-Wistar and Sprague-Dawley
    •    Mice-Swiss albino, Balb/C and C57/bl6
    •    Rabbits-Newzealand White
    •    Guinea pigs-Dunkin Hartley
    •    Hamsters –Syrian

We regularly monitor the health status, animal feed quality and pedigree of lab animals
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We posses Scientific and operational expertise to successfully move vaccines and biotherapeutics development program forward

    •    Cell culture based assay
    •    Immunogenicity testing
    •    Neutralizing antibody assay
    •    PD bioanalysis for both small and large molecules

Above services are handled by highly skilled analysts, who are able to offer rapid high volume analysis, that use a range of innovative platforms/techniques with state of the art facilities and instrumentation.

We produce High affinity and high antibody titre to various immonogens for applications like ELISA, WB, IP, IHC and flow cytometry.

    •    Monoclonal antibody production
    •    Polyclonal antibody production
    •    Antibody purification and characterization through SDS-PAGE, western blot and ELISA

We produce antibodies in different animal models like Mice, Rat, Rabbit, Chicken and Goats using various immunization protocols.

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We conduct preclinical and toxicology studies for pharmaceutical and biotech companies and follow the guidelines of OECD GLP principles, FDA, IP, BP and ICH.

    •    Toxicity Studies: Acute, Sub Acute, Chronic, Genetic and Immunotoxicity Studies
    •    Efficacy Studies: Bio therapeutics, Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
    •    Infectious Models: Thigh, Systemic and Aerosol
    •    Animal Models: Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.
    •    Route of Administration: Oral, Intravenous, Intramuscular, Subcutaneous and Inhalation

Our in-vivo and in-vitro testing services are fast, flexible, authentic and supported by expert scientists in the field

Laboratory services

    •    Biochemical parameter analysis
    •    Hematology parameter analysis
    •    Histopathology services
    •    Quality serum and plasma services



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    proximBEST 2012

    • First prize winners of BEST 2012 sponsored by DBT and managed by ABLE India for innovative biotechnology ideas.

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  • proxim


    • An article in Biospectrum: chemical sterilants in dogs and pregnancy diagnostic kit in cattle.

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We are Biolabs from bangalore


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